Building A Web Design Company

Black Alsatian was born in 2003 when Björn branched off from graphic design & signwriting to do his own thing. He had a PC, a contact book, and a fascination with building awesome things with code.

Some years later, Louisa joined him straight out of big-business advertising. She had a library of Carl Sagan and noise rock, and a fascination with the code inherent in human nature.

With the help of star stuff and gigabytes, they lived happily ever after.

Web Design Is Who We Are.

By combining our skills, we have created a small but highly effective web design and online marketing agency that stands its ground against some of the giants in the business. We have worked with clients from around the globe, and collaborated with international agencies at the top of the internet game.

With every project we take on, we use the most cutting-edge web design tech available. We are Full Stack Developers, fluent in PHP, MySQL, Apache and frameworks like ReactJS and Laravel. And yes, we also do the odd WordPress and Joomla thing.

Mom & Pop Shop? Maybe a little, because we're a creative family. Our "kids" are all experts in their fields. We work with top tech engineers and artists in web dev, graphic design, digital marketing and content writing.

We are a group of creative individuals and strategic thinkers who push boundaries to the nth degree. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but you can bet we take YOUR needs seriously.

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PO Box 211126, The Fig Tree,
Port Elizabeth, 6033,
South Africa

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