Our Websites Are Worth Showing Off.

Don't take our word for it. Ask our many happy long-standing website clients.

We’ve developed websites for a long time, and many of our clients have stuck with us from the beginning. We upgrade their websites, build their new websites, and develop their Progressive Web Apps.

Why would they need any other web design company?

Below is a showcase of just a few of the kinds of websites we can develop for you.

When you join the Black Alsatian family, you don't just buy a website from a web design company.

You partner up with web development professionals that have it down to a science.

ADF Outdoor (Pty) Ltd

ADFSA's website is a Joomla Content Management System.

The site was initially developed to connect to the supplier's API, to populate the product catalogue.

They have since done away with the API connection, and we created a product catalogue which the client now updates themselves, using an import tool that uploads Excel files.

This client handles all aspects of their own website, from updates to website layouts and extensions.

Malamulele Onward

Malamulele Onward is a Joomla CMS where the client handles all updates themselves.

This website has a custom-developed component for accepting donations and allowing visitors to create their own campaigns.


We built the SolarConnect website as a lead generation tool, to connect the people in South Africa with reliable solar panel providers in their area.

The Solar Savings Calculator is a tool created using AJAX technologies, which allows users to see the kind of savings they can expect by switching to solar power.

Click the button below and visit the website to try it out yourself.

Pirates Lodge

Pirates Lodge is one of our first ever web design clients.

The first installation of their website was a custom-developed Content Management System.

Since then, the company has changed hands. When the time came to upgrade, they wanted a simple one-page website.

As we try to cater for all our different website clients, we built them a site to be proud of.

View our various web design packages at the link below.

Longboarding SA

The Longboarding SA website was originally developed out of a love for the sport.

At the time, longboarding was having a growing spurt and there just weren't many websites where one could purchase longboarding gear.

Initially the website was just going to be a forum for longboarders to connect, but eventually it grew into a full-blown e-commerce website.

Since then we sold the website and the business attached to it.

This website is an example of a Joomla CMS website with a shopping cart built onto it. The owner manages the entire website themselves.

The Bitcoin Miners Club

The Bitcoin Miners Club website is an example of what can be achieved with a proper SEO strategy, with an email marketing funnel attached to it.

Since the website's inception, the focus was on Search Engine Optimisation. We crafted a lead magnet which is given away for free when users sign up.

After signing up on the website, visitors go into an email funnel which educates them about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining. The funnel also warns them about the many pitfalls when getting involved with cryptocurrency.

We can build any kind of website your heart desires. Coupled with our digital marketing skills, we are able and committed to taking your business to the next level.

To view our full web development portfolio, be sure to visit our South African website at the link below.

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